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Pioneering partnerships and creating emotional experiences in China. It’s in our veins. Our track record of building credible and genuine partnerships in sport speaks for itself.

Since its creation, ECI Sports has been the go-to agency for brands and media platforms wanting to collaborate with sport talents in China to reach emotionally engaged audiences.

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ECI SPORTS is made of China experts who demonstrated unique skills in pioneering partnerships and creating emotional experiences.

Our track record of building credible and genuine partnerships in sport speaks for itself. For years, we have collaborated with brands and media platforms to connect sport organisations and talents to their audiences.

As we move forward, we will continue with our mission to create and grow long-term value and innovative solutions for our clients in China, led by our vision to be the most progressive and respected partner in sports.

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Vincent Fischer

Entertainment & Sports agent in China, Vincent heads entertainment agency ECI since 2009. Following the opening of ECI's Beijing office in 2012, ECI has raised 100million+ euros in China. Vincent has written 3 entertainment marketing books, published in Canada, France, USA and Korea.
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Fouhed Lampis

Engineer by training, and former professional athlete, Fouhed has been working in China for over 7 years in the digital marketing field, where he developed a full proficiency in Chinese Mandarin (written and spoken). In 2018, he established himself as Sport Key Opinion Leader, acquiring over 250k fans, and cumulating 20M views on Chinese social media.
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